09 June 2010

ends and beginnings

Well, the last day of school with kids is almost here---it's tomorrow! I am ready, mostly because I am tired--haha. But I know i will miss seeing those sweet faces everyday, laughing with them, and getting such sweet hugs everyday. I'm looking forward to a long (but pretty busy) summer break. Also we are doing a lot of saying goodbye to some foreign staff. There are roughly 20 of us total and many are finished with their contracts and a few are cutting theirs short so there will be a lot of good byes---but that also means fun new hello's coming in the fall with new people:) We'll say goodbye Tampico style with the beach and beer involved i'm sure in the next few days.

This year in Mexico flew by so fast! It's funny to think back to everything new that I have experienced here. I keep telling people that I feel like I am living someone else's life because mine has been traditionally a little "boring" but now it's so different. I am so glad I made the hard choice to do this now in my life instead of staying comfortable in my little life in Kansas for the next years. I think this has caused me to really understand myself better, what i want to do in my life both personally and professionally, and has given me more opportunities for different things. I really feel at home here and am so glad after the summer break i will be coming back to my 2nd home:)

So what are my summer plans?? Well I have 4 more days of work at school (teacher stuff) till next wednesday, then thursday I fly to cuidad del carmen to go visit ricardo for a few days before flying back to IL Monday. I'm then taking a 2 week course online (l;ots of reading and writing) to finally finish my masters!!!:) AFter that i'll make a quick trip to kansas city and then off to NC to the beach for a while----i dont think i will have the guts to go in the ocean there :) bad memories ya know!:) haha Then a few days later i'll be flying back here at the end of july! this will go so fast i am sure!

ok, well here are a few little pictures from the beginning of the year to the last monthish of my life to close out the school year

crazy hair day!!!

80s day!

Ricardo and i in Oaxaca

Happy Earth Day from 2 smiley girls!!:)

Happy Summer everyone!!


bethany said...

I can't believe you are done with your year! I am so happy that you have had such a great time in Mexico! Have a wonderful summer. No ocean swimming and I really need to get caught up on Ricardo. K? Thanks=)