08 March 2010

little things

I love how the little things in life can make a big difference. The last week or so has been full of those little things that just make my day so great so i thought I would share:

* random hugs
* someone saying they miss me
* a student saying they love me
* laughing over a meal with others
* driving with the windows down on a beautiful evening
* spending time with people you really have fun with
* seeing a flowering tree on a cloudy day
* a good song that totally goes with how you are feeling
* my favorite drink when i am really thirsty
* my pillows:)
*encouragment in the form of a smile or just listening to me ramble about unimportant things
* someone asking me how my day was
* watching a fun show on TV
* good smelling lotion
* hot showers

I'm sure there are many more that i can't think of right now...just look for those little things today that make you happy!