31 January 2011

house deco stuff

I LOVE my new little home...it's been fun to make it even "homier" if that is a word jaja.
Here are some pics of the decorating, painting and fun things in my house i've changed since i moved in this year.

Painted and decorated my room

Painted and decorated the guest room

view of my lower level from the stairs
Painted the hallway/stairwell

Made the landing at the top of the stairs into another little room---TV viewing
and YES i installed the fan myself!:)

25 January 2011

random favorites

So i've not been super creative in this post, but i figured something is better than nothing:)

Here are some of my favorite things so far this year back in tampico...in no particular order:
- school kids...the good ones of course;)
- zumba and yoga class with the girls
- cooking more new things
- re-watching LOST
- new electric gate for our driveway
- sunny days at the beach
- getting a sunburn in january
- warm showers
- cute boots
- funny friends
- painting and decorating

thats all right now:) i have some pics of my decorating fun, but they are stuck on my camera until i remember to take them off...jaja. So until next time!

Hopefully since my bday is coming up soon i will have a few photos from that time and others in the next few weeks!

besos a todos!

11 January 2011

resolutions? goals? whats that!?!?!

The new year usually brings people to reflect on the past and seek out new goals for the next year. I've never really been into setting resolutions and actually have realized i'm not much of a goal setter in life at all. In fact, I kinda despise it. I've looked at this deeply and to answer your question, No i'm not afraid of failure. I'm not sure why i hate making goals so much.

I kinda think its my way of not letting worry get the best of me. I used to be a worrier...'when i was younger (childhood through teens) I would worry about everything...little things and big things. Then one year, i think at camp, i decided to take disciplined steps to stop worrying and viola IT WORKED! I really dont worry very much at all about things in life.

What does life look like for me now because of this? For example, I overhear people talking about the economy, politics, jobs etc. Do I care? OF course! But I let myself think of it, but then know I have no control so I let it go. Why dwell on the things that are not at all dependant on me or have honestly little effect on me. I still wish and wonder and hope, but worry?? not really.

Another example that comes up almost every day here in Tampico....I hear about fear. Fear of shootings happening---the what ifs abound! Fear of people leaving. Fear of so many things. Its a weekly topic of conversation with some people. My thoughts are: #1 this drug war isnt about me...i'm not a target. #2 If i'm in the wrong place at the wrong time, then that is where i am.

I can't predict the future, so I refuse to live in fear of the WHAT IF's in life. You never know if you'll be in an accident, or a loved one will get sick, or if you'll witness a horrible crime, or if you'll get bitten by a shark"** hehehe had to throw that in*** The point is....LIVE. Fear snuffs the life out of some people.

So while I'm not a resolution maker or a goal setter I do do something: I add to my LIFE LIST. I guess it's like a bucket list...place to go, things to do, things to eat/see/touch etc. I feel like the pressure of setting a resolution would result in worry so i do this instead.

I love looking at my LIFE LIST. I'm not a dreamer by nature--much too practical for that! haha--so this is my way of dreaming. I have serious things like see the Grand Canyon or ride an elephant in India, but i also have silly things like "stay up all night"and watch a movie trilogy in one day.

So if you're not into the resolutions like me---make a fun LIFE LIST!