11 January 2010

the fight is over...

(Dear friends, family, and people who have come upon my blog somehow. This post is something that is hard for me to write about, but I feel like I need to express my thoughts and feelings, so I've decided to write them down. Thank you for reading and letting me share my heart)

As a teacher my favorite part of it all is the kids. They are great---smiles, laughs, hugs, funny things they say, the way they surprise me with ideas and so much more. Never did i even think of being in the position that I would experience what happened this year; and specifically Monday, January 10th, 2010.

After an 18 month fight with cancer, a sweet girl in my class named Michelle, passed away. Just typing these words wrenches my heart and calls tears to my eyes.

I didn't even want to answer the phone Sunday evening, seeing my principal's number because of my fear of what I would find out. It is quite hard to think of not seeing her again. Today was difficult to keep my composure while still going through the motions at school. We are trying to remember her, honor her, and pray for her family. I thank the Lord that she is no longer sick and suffering like she was the last few days, but that doesn't seem to replace the sadness in my heart quite yet.

Here are some things I feel privileged to know and love about Michelle:
She had a great smile and smiled often.
She loved to talk (sometimes too much for a teacher's liking;))
She had great fashion sense and wore wonderful hats while her hair was growing out.
She was beautiful--inside and out.
She was a great friend; loyal and kind.
She was great at drama.
She gave fantastic hugs.

Michelle experienced so much in her short life and I am so glad to have known her and her family. I hope you will join me in praying for her family: mom, dad, little brother, and older sister. Pray that the Lord will comfort them through this hard time. That they cling to him and know that Michelle truly is feeling no more sorrow and no more pain.

one of her really cool hats--this one even had built in braids!:) How adorable is she?!

I love you Michelle.

10 January 2010

Christmas/January Brrrr....

My fingers are a little cold right now, so I apologize for this being a really short post.

I had a wonderful Christmas at home with family and friends....too short for sure, but so nice. I was happy to come back to warmth, but sadly it's been really chilly here. We started school on the 7th and i had 4 kids gone, but that night it got down to 5 C which is like 40 degrees F or so. Schools and places and homes dont have any heat.

So on Friday only 6 (of my 22) kids showed up for school!!! It was like a snow day kinda---just a cold day. I wore my coat, gloves, and scarf all day inside b/c my classroom was only 58 degrees....brrrrr!! So basically we just drew pictures, played some multiplication games, and hung out:)

Here are some pictures from home in Morton, IL with all the snow and then some of me cold in my room this weekend