13 January 2009

the duty of a citizen

So I just finished my first "real" important duty of a citizen---jury duty. At first I thought, man this is gonna be boring, I'm just gonna sit all morning and do nothing because that is what i've heard it is like. BUT I got "picked" for the 21 seats in the "round one jury." That basically means i get a different chair and then the lawyers pretty much ask you a bunch of questions that all sound the same to see if you or anyone you know is a part of ...... or if you have ever been involved with...... It was a pretty interesting case. Then after the 21 round, each side can strike people from the jury alternating back and forth until there are 12 and an alternate left. Well....I got picked! At first i was kind of excited like i was popular and then i realized that I probably just got picked because all the other people were either too experienced with what the case was about (home buying/coorporations/landlords/contracts etc) or just plain strange:) haha...

So then they take us back to the little jury room where we are finally told to go to lunch. Oh and by the way they told us it would be about a 2 week trial (till next thursday at least)!!! Thats long! So we were told to be back by 2 and we got back and waited in our little room...doing nothing. I talked with another girl who was young and a kindergarten teacher about school stuff for a while so that was nice, but all in all i was just bored. Finally they let us just go home b/c of something they needed to figure out.

So Tuesday morning we show up and wait.....a long time, but this time i was prepared with a book!:) After a few hours of waiting the judge finally tells us there was a "hiccup" in the evidence and instead of proceeding they are going to take that to the appeals before going on with the full trial. He thanked us and sent us home.

So now i am home... And i am glad to get back to school b/c i was not looking forward to how much i would be missing and then actually making some sub plans since i would be gone.

All in all i thought the whole thing was kind of fun. I wish I could have seen the whole process of a trial and deliberation. It feels like i was a part of something important, and that is nice!:)

11 January 2009

bird poop

It's amazing how the little things in life can totally make my day. Like today, just riding in the car with friends laughing about bird poop stories can brighten my day. I pray that I will never forget to cling to the small blessings in life as things are likely to get more complicated and confusing the more years i spend here on earth.

So i guess my advice is --- think about a bird pooping on some bald guy and laugh....it will make you feel so much better (as long as YOU aren't the bald guy;))

find the small blessings and enjoy!

08 January 2009

my favorite thing i've seen in Kansas yet....an oldie but a goodie

Hey all....so here's my story and if you have already had the privilege of hearing it in person, consider yourself blessed to have the intonation and gestures in accompianment:
I call this true story "Drivin' Down the Highway"
So a while back, maybe a month ago, I was having a kinda crappy day, which doesn't happen often, but i wanted to get out of the normalcy that is my weekday life, so i went for a drive. I drove aimlessly really and ended up on an exit ramp that develops into about 5 lanes for a stoplight after you get off. While stopped at this light, i do what most people do: fiddle with my music, check my cell phone for any calls that i know i would have heard had it rung but i check anyways, and of course glance at those in the cars around me.
On this night i look over to my left and see some movement, so i glance again and see this guy who looked kind of like a typical young professor type...glasses, shaggy hair, normal car etc. but as i venture another look i see that he is doing bicep curls with a 10-15lbs weight while he is driving!! I thought for sure i was mistaken so i took another look and sure enough he's even breathing through each one. Breathe in....release. Breathe in....release.
Did i laugh you ask? OF course...out loud and for a while...it totally made my not so great day end on a high note. As i watched him turn the corner i could tell he was still pumping iron as he drove. Makes me wonder what would happen if he got in an accident "I'm sorry officer, i just dont have time to work out." :) haha can you just imagine...he was probably pumping up for his girl before a date or something. wow..what a good laugh i had.

Well thats all....its true ...and don't you wish you had seen it too?:)

grace...it's amazing isn't it?

Yesterday I did somethings, that now I regret
Today I said somethings, I wish I could forget
Tomorrow I'll probably think somethings, that don't honor you
and yet, You still love me

And I know, there's nothing I can do, so I stand upon Your grace
And I know, there's nothing I can do, so I stand upon Your grace
Your grace will suffice
Your grace will suffice
Your grace, Your grace, Your sweet amazing grace
Your grace will suffice