15 September 2009

happy independence day----Viva Mexico!

Here are some fun pictures from our celebration at school---it was a spirit day, so we dressed up in traditional mexican dress.....and when i say we---i really mean the kids did:)

Here are some of the girls (in black) that are gonna dance!

Here's a typical monday assembly picture:

And here are the pics of us today!

It was fun!!

Oh and here is my new favorite kind of chip---too bad it's not in the states!

Thanks for reading!:)

09 September 2009

a day/night at the beach...

I went to the beach for the first time last Saturday here in Tampico! It was great. I stuck my toes in and waded up to my ankles, but didn't swim yet. The foreign staff from school went for a birthday barbeque for Michael---he's our librarian. There was great food, a campfire, fun people, and sand, water, and sun----all in all it was a beautiful day and a fun time:)

Here i am at the beach!

Here is my friend emily and i enjoying the sunset at the beach.

Here are my feet in the sand!!

Here are some of the teachers and the birthday boy!

Next week it's independence day and there's dancing and fun times ahead---hopefully i'll remember my camera and can update you soon!:)

03 September 2009

pics from school

As promised-----Here are some pictures of me and my students at school working!:) It is picture day in the pics so they are all looking spiffy! I'll try to remember to take some when they have their uniforms---they have to wear them on gym days and Mondays.

Oh and here is the boot i had to lug around for so long...

Here i am with no boot!

The rest are my students working on math facts and other work.

Thanks for checking in! This last one is just me one early morning!:) can you see the sleep in my eyes!?

01 September 2009

living free!:)

Hey there! It's been awhile since i updated, so here I go:)

Things are going really well here in Tampico. I feel like it's home and I'm enjoying almost everything about it. I say almost b/c i could do without the little critters we've had randomly----ewww....just little centipedes and ants---thankfully no cochroaches yet! Our maid comes to clean thursday--so hopefully with it even cleaner the bugs will be less. It's not bad, but even one big one a week is creepy! haha..

Speaking of a maid, it seems weird to have someone come clean an apartment:) but it's common here and honestly i definitely do not want to attempt mopping all the tile here!!

Teaching is going well---I like my class--they are full of fun and laughter, and are pretty smart too. I'm still getting used to things like giving grades and dealing so much with parents but it is going well i think. I feel like the days go so fast!

Today the kids were begging me to show them my foot---I went boot FREE this week!!! I finally could shove my foot into a normal shoe so i could start walking without the boot outside and at work! yay!! I feel so much freedom---that thing was heavy! Anyways, I told the kids i would show the scars to them if we could get through all the things i had planned for the last 30 minutes of the day today and at 1:55 I would let them see---they were so excited!! lol it was really funny in my head to think about.

So i got great ooooooooooo's and ahhhhhhhhh's and ewwwwww's from them all. Then they left and a few asked if some of their friends could see too:) haha...gotta love little kids!

So here are the newest pictures of my foot. It's all closed up and healing well---of course i'll have the sweet scars for a while and my foot is still a little swollen but it feels fine!


Preparations for Mexican Independence Day (Sept 16th) are already in the mix with invitations to dance lessons and a party. I guess we also dress up at school? I need to find out what to wear!!!:) Sounds like fun! I'm ready to dance now that i can wear shoes!

Is there anything i miss from the USA?

I can get most things i like here, but i do miss:
---driving a car
---more than 8 English channels
---church in English (Although i do love church here, it's just exhausting to translate for that many hours when your spanish isn't super awesome yet)
----a fall festival or football game

I think that is it for now---i'm trying to take pictures of me at school, or with friends---hopefully this week and weekend i can get some and post again soon!

much love and hugs to those of you far away---email me anytime---i would love to hear from you!!! juliamitt@gmail.com