09 September 2009

a day/night at the beach...

I went to the beach for the first time last Saturday here in Tampico! It was great. I stuck my toes in and waded up to my ankles, but didn't swim yet. The foreign staff from school went for a birthday barbeque for Michael---he's our librarian. There was great food, a campfire, fun people, and sand, water, and sun----all in all it was a beautiful day and a fun time:)

Here i am at the beach!

Here is my friend emily and i enjoying the sunset at the beach.

Here are my feet in the sand!!

Here are some of the teachers and the birthday boy!

Next week it's independence day and there's dancing and fun times ahead---hopefully i'll remember my camera and can update you soon!:)


mom said...

I think your feet look "normal" in the sand.. that's where they should be, right? Are you ready for a pedicure yet?