21 February 2010

february fun!

This month has been so much fun! I've been to a ton of new restaurants, celebrated 2 birthdays and an engagement, and just had a fun month so far. It's been great getting to know people better, going to new places, having a good time---especially since it's also been a rainy month which makes me feel blue and bored! So here are a few pictures of the events! Enjoy!

Here is a picture of the group at emily's birthday dinner--it was so fun to celebrate something mid-week at a great restaurant with great friends (february 2nd)

Then the celebrating continued with my bday celebration the following saturday.

the group pictures

dancing fun:)

ricardo, yolanda and cheryl havin' fun

the girls and ricardo.

more friends-- dana and robyn

it was a late night (i actually was up till 5AM!! crazy huh?!?!) but so much fun dancing and hanging out with friends here.

So things are still going great here in Tampico and I'm still very happy with my decision to come. I am so happy at my job and making local friends here has helped make it feel like home even more.

Oh, and a random and long overdue sharkbite update---the only lasting effects now are numbness on the top of my foot still, i can't move my 4 little toes up and sometimes when the weather changes my foot feels swollen or strange. I tried to see how doing yoga would work, but my foot kept slipping and so it didn't go so well. I'm not sure if i just need to exercise it more or if my little toes, foot and ankle actually are just not strong enough to help me grip the floor for the moves. It's a little sad b/c i really enjoy yoga, but i guess i'll find something else to do.

Thanks for all the prayers, thoughts, and keeping in touch!

03 February 2010

another year passes

instead of the usual reflection at new years, i tend to do most of my reflecting on my birthday. So this year i've decided to just make a list of the big things i remember about my year as a 26 year old:

* getting a job in Tampico
* quitting my job in olathe :(
* being surprised by friends in kansas on my birthday at the mexican place(i can think of the name anymore:()
* saying way too many goodbyes in Kansas
* packing and unpacking
* moving all my stuff to my parents house
* taking bunches of graduate classes and living at panera this summer
* going to the beach house in NC
* being attacked by a shark
* being on crutches in the hottest time of year anywhere---especially in Tampico
* arriving in Mexico
* setting up my classroom while physically hindered by crutches and boot
* meeting ATS staff
* the first day of my first classroom of 2nd graders
* kissing cheeks with many many people
* learning tons of little things about Mexican culture and language
*military guys with guns everywhere:) haha--it's just normal now
* tons of sweating
* finally figuring out how to get hot water
* visiting new places: San Miguel and Xilitla
* Mom and aunt visiting
* Halloween in Mexico
* flying home in flip flops for Christmas

It's been a year of numerous changes and probably the most eventful year of my life so far.....i've always thought i've had a good life---boring but good. Now i can say that this year changed it from boring to crazy!:) haha...but through it all i've learned a great deal and have been so blessed by the Lord this year. I'm excited to see what happens in my 27th!

Of course i didn't put down every memory i have---so if you have one, please add a comment with something i forgot!:)

thanks for being part of my life!:)