24 June 2009

details, details

So I finally have more details about Mexico!:) It's nice to be able to answer the question---"when are you going?" So here's the scoop:

When do I leave? August 2nd

When's my first day of work? August 7th

When is the first day with kids? August 17th

Where am I working? The American School of Tampico in Tampico, Mexico-check it out!

I also have a new school email address, but just use my gmail one (juliamitt@gmail.com) for correspondence with everyone here.

In addition to this I have a great lead about a wonderful church there---This is such a blessing to know ahead of time. Even if I don't know what is being said all the time, I can still worship the Lord along with other believers in English as they worship in Spanish:) I remember it so vividly in Costa Rica...being amazed at how much I loved being in church there.

I'm excited to learn about where I'm gonna be living, who my roommate will be (if i have one), who I will be working with, and what precious kids will be in my class!:) exciting months ahead!!!

Any questions? just ask...i may or may not have an answer yet.

21 June 2009

photo fun with piknik...

If you haven't discovered piknik.com you should! it's so fun to play around with photos...here are some I've done...

fun huh? so take a little while and embrace your creative style....it makes you feel like you have talent:)

18 June 2009

summer of learning...

So I'm almost done with classes!

3 down 1 to go!!

Look at all these books that I have read! I'm pretty smart huh?:)