13 February 2009

on the move

So in case you haven't heard...I'm moving. Where to? Well for at least the next 2 years I will be living in Tampico, Mexico. After a whirlwind weekend at an Overseas Recruiting Fair in Iowa, I accepted a position as 2nd grade teacher at the American School of Tampico. Tampico is a city right on the Gulf coast....yay beaches!!:) I'm excited for the warm weather all year round!!!!! wanna come visit don't ya???

I've only heard good things about the school from people that have experience in international teaching and that helps so much to hear. I'm excited for a new challenge---a challenge for sure since I've not been a whole classroom teacher since student teaching!:) But I am really looking forward to it. I'm interested to see who I will meet, how I will change, if i can really become better at Spanish and so much more!

As I've connected with the principal and a grade-level colleague there at ATS (the shortened name of the school) I am at a loss of what to even ask:)! I mean don't get me wrong...i have a whole page or 2 of questions, but i don't need to know them yet. There is almost too much to think about....

---make changes to all the direct deposits and direct payments from my bank account as of May
---give my apt 60 days notice
---think about what stuff to give away, pack for a while, pack for moving or sell
---figure out if i can continue my masters classes from overseas
---turn in my letter of resignation
---keep the secret from my students...at least for a while
---figure out phone issues

and that's the beginning:)

I'm ready for the change---as ready as I can be until I'm there. Now it's just figuring out what to do in the meantime and finish things here in Kansas well. I want to finish my job well...not give up. I want to spend time with people I may not see for a long time. I want to relish driving around aimlessly just because:) I want to savor time with fellow believers in church

So stay tuned for all my happenings as I transition to Mexico!!:) If I can I will try to keep this updated with all the fun with pics and stuff to as I get there!