25 January 2011

random favorites

So i've not been super creative in this post, but i figured something is better than nothing:)

Here are some of my favorite things so far this year back in tampico...in no particular order:
- school kids...the good ones of course;)
- zumba and yoga class with the girls
- cooking more new things
- re-watching LOST
- new electric gate for our driveway
- sunny days at the beach
- getting a sunburn in january
- warm showers
- cute boots
- funny friends
- painting and decorating

thats all right now:) i have some pics of my decorating fun, but they are stuck on my camera until i remember to take them off...jaja. So until next time!

Hopefully since my bday is coming up soon i will have a few photos from that time and others in the next few weeks!

besos a todos!