21 September 2010

start of Mexico year 2:)

Wow! I know it has been many months since i've updated, but let me tell you--it's been a crazy time. I almost dont even know where to start, but i think i will do a month by month review for you:

June/July: Time back in the states was great. I finished up my final masters course and have the diploma to prove it! I spent some good time with family in Morton, made a quick trip to Kansas to see great friends, held numerous babies, and then finished the summer by going to North Carolina again.

At the surprise grad school graduation party my parents threw for me:) Drinking tequila from Mexico of course!
Cute little Bianca! one of the 5 babies i got to see over the summer---and many that i can't wait to meet sometime in the next year!

We were in NC for the anniversary of my shark bite---We got to meet up with Molly (the woman that helped soooo much when it happed last year), did a shot of a drink called a shark bite (Thanks to my aunt Fran) and together Molly and I went back in the ocean very close to where it happened. I mean i didnt swim around and have a grand ole time, but i did get in futher than my waist, took a picture, and then came out:) i figure that is better than nothing right?

August: I headed back to Tampico the last week of July, spent the first week getting my new house fixed like i like it and just getting back to life here. Then the following week I began again at ATS, but this year as the Assistant Principal. I was sooo happy when everyone started arriving back from the summer. It was nice to see the foreign staff that were returning and then waiting to see who our new friends would be.

The new staff arrived and i was so happy to see that they were so great! A very positive and fun group, so that will be a great change this year. We immediately spend time at the beach, going to dinners, playing games and just getting to know one another.
Some of us foriengers at dinner---this is only one side of a big group!

Some of the new staff with 2 local staff at a birthday party !

The toughest part of August came when one evening while driving with some friends, we heard gunshots and ended up witnessing what the cartel's are like up close and personal as one drove right up next to us with their guns pointed out the windows! Crazy right? Thankfully the guy driving our car has great instincts and reversed us out of that situation fast. It was scary and i still can't believe it really happened. Some of the new (and old) people were quite shaken by this experience and one even decided to leave.

Because she left, i was then given the responsibility (with some help from the principal) of teaching 5th grade (in the states it's 6th grade) English/Language Arts for 4 periods a day. Yeah, so i had 2 new jobs to learn pretty fast. This whole time was quite overwhelming and exhausting. I think it's the first time i really felt stressed out in my whole life! jaja

Thankfully things have settled down and are in a good routine. People are great and kids are great and i am learning so much!

September: I know we are only partway through the month, but its also been busy. This past weekend was the celebration of the Bicentennial for Mexico--Happy 200 years! So we had a great 4 day weekend. I traveled to see a friend in Cuidad del Carmen (south near the Yucatan) on thursday morning, then friday we decided to go to Merida---but then chose spontaneously to go to Cancun! lol i know--it's crazy huh? So I was in Cancun Friday night-Sat. noon, then when to Merida Sat night- sun Morning and then drove back to Carmen to catch my flight by 2:00! haha...it was a fun adventure for sure and something i will always remember. What a great time to be so spontaneous!
Fun spontaneous choices!!!:)

Crazy celebrating at a bar in Cancun---look at all that confetti! the cool air sprying out felt great!

yummy yummy food in Cancun:) I love Mexico!

Now it's back to life---Soon i will only be teaching one class a day so that will be a lot less work to do in that aspect of my job.

This year has been so different, but soooo good. I'm still loving life here and promise to update more often now that life has settled down a bit.