15 May 2010

winding up the year

What a great month so far. I can't believe I only have 19 days of teaching left for the year! This year feels like it has gone soooooo fast! As I mentioned I went on a little road trip last week. It was so great and perfect timing to get me through the rest of the school year. Went down through Veracruz for a night, down to Oaxaca city, spent 2 days there seeing ruins at Monte Alban and going to see some amazing natural springs at Hierve el Agua. That was amazing! Then came back through Cuernavaca and back to Tampico. 5 days, 8 states, stayed in 3 cities....really good trip!:) I loved seeing more of Mexico and learning to be a better mexican driver:) too!:)

Me at Monte Alban in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The natural pools at the top of a mountain in Hierve el Agua about 40 minutes from Oaxaca. Soooo beautiful right?

Me kissing my new boyfriend in Oaxaca:) haha

A volcano i saw on the trip....can't pronounce the real name so i call it mount popo!:)

Now I have some news I feel like I can finally announce: Next year I will not be teaching 2nd grade anymore, instead I will be the elementary assistant principal at ATS. I'm excited for the change, a chance to be even more challenged and learn more! I love organizing and helping so I'm excited for a chance to do those things. Of course I will miss having my own class, but I will still get to see kids every day and actually get to know even more of them in this new position.

So 19 days of teaching, 23 days of work left and heading home to Illinois June 21. It's going so fast. It will be filled with a lot of goodbyes as many of the foreign staff are leaving (some are finishing their 2 year contract and some have just come this year and have decided to leave). It will be sad to see them go, but I'm looking forward to meeting all the new people too!:)

I'm sure I will get really reflective on the year as soon as I have time to think about all that has happened, all I have learned and all that....but i'll save that for a later post:)

happy spring/summer!!!