04 October 2010

happy happy

do you ever have one of those days where for all logical reasons you should feel crappy or at least in a just okay mood? Well today should have been one of those. I literally slept like 1 hour cut into 5 minute increments last night (aka horribly), i'm trying not to let the frog in my throat become a cold, work is busy and kids go a little crazy sometimes, i had to go to the bank today (always fun huh) and so on....

but today instead of being in a bad mood, i felt an inexplicable happiness all day long. I felt giggly and fun, chatty and just like my face was going to explode from smiling. And the crazy part is honestly there is no specific reason.

Maybe it's everything in my life put together---all that important stuff that is deeper than the day to day happenings. Things aren't perfect and will never be, but i am happy and today was a day that i felt it fully, deep down to my toes:) Its a great feeling and i hope i have many more like it in my life and recognize them when they arrive.