22 April 2010

long time no write

wow...i didn't realize how long it has been since i have written on here! the last month has been full of so many things that I guess I just lost track of it:) I dont really have much to say (at least none that i feel comfortable talking about online where everyone can see..lol) but here's a quick update about my life the last month:

**March flew by with tons of fun with friends, spring break for 2 weeks where i went to see my dear friends Rachel and Brandon in Colorado Springs for a few days and then to my parent's house in Morton. Got to see friends, my lovely sister, parents, and enjoy English TV too:) haha. I shopped and visited and shopped and relaxed and felt refreshed in my time there. But I also missed being in Tampico too...i missed seeing my friends here and I was ready to be back about 1 3/4 the way through my break.

Coming back from break I was bombarded with a lot of things. One thing that has been going on is some violence from the drug cartel groups present in Tampico. Up until April there had only been a few random times where I even heard about them here---most of that action is happening in the DF or the border towns. Sadly it escalated over semana santa and the weeks following, so it's been interesting. I thank the Lord I haven't actually seen anything, but what i have heard about what is happening is scary. Of course I know i've told many of you and you've been praying, so thank you. This is uncertain times for people here too. This is their home, where they grew up, and now they don't feel safe. What a horrible feeling that must be. This week has been calm as far as I know...nothing happening since the weekend, so I'm praying the worst is over.

I've also been busily finishing my masters courses and my graduate comprehensive exam last week. Thankfully that is done and i'm just waiting to hear if i passed:) then only one paper, and one small course this summer and I'll have my masters finally!

Other than that things are back to usual, school is still great, kids are energetic as usual, the weather is getting hot again (sadly i tried my AC about a week ago and it is broken so i'm hoping it gets fixed really soon so i can sleep well again)

I'm amazed at how fast the year has gone...only 7 weeks of school for kids left! I am also looking forward to a trip coming up in may, going down the coast of veracruz and down to Oaxaca. I haven't been anywhere in Mexico since last fall so it will be fun to go on a mini-vacation in about 2 weeks:)

So in summary, things are weird and scary and fun and busy, but i feel completely calm and incredibly happy and very thankful!

Much love from me in tampico!!


miltonl said...

check you out! I just had you on the brain for a sec tonight and went to your facebook. Tampico, Tamaulipas? Fun, fun. Hope you are enjoying and I enjoyed the read! Take care and enjoy your mini-mexico vacation soon