17 October 2009

weeks are flying by...

Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates lately...it's hard to think of what to write sometimes:)

Here is a brief update of my life the last few weeks:

About 2 weekends ago I developed a strange skin thing and had to go to the hospital to figure out what it was---kinda like little blisters smack dab in the middle of my face on my nose, chin, forehead and then a few on my body--back, ankle, etc. I missed 2 days of school while going to a dermatologist who determined it was a staph infection. Fun huh?:) Then wednesday I missed part of a day of school due to going to immigration, so that week was a little unusual to be sure.

This past week has been quite uneventful, but nice and predictable for a change:) On Monday I went to a meeting at church that tells you about the vision and mission of the church and such. It was nice of my friend Carrie to take me and help me by translating something when I didn't understand. I met a few people and am glad to be making small steps in getting to be a part of it here. I love Sundays and really enjoy the worship time at church--in fact one of the songs we sing has been stuck in my head all week long---i've been waking up singing it!!! haha....

The weather here has been really hot lately and tons of mosquitos!!! but that all changed today---a Norte blew in this morning and it has been raining very hard and the wind has been blowing like crazy. It's only in the low 70's right now and is quite chilly!

Sadly this kind of ruined our plans=-----A bunch of the foreign staff and I went about 30 minutes away to a hotel called El Solito. It was a cute place with a big pool, waterpark, "zoo", golf course etc. We BBQ'd last night, swam, hung out by the pool, got bitten by bugs, and had great plans to golf and hit the waterpark today, but the rain came so we ended up coming home:(
We had planned this fun getaway to the countryside because we are all working tomorrow at school (Sunday) for a special Field Day event. My job is the best because I get to walk around and just take pictures!:) I'm glad it won't be in the 90's and sweaty!

This week is exciting in and out of school---We have a bunch of special events planned at school because it's Character Counts week so we have a jog-a-thon event on Tuesday, a picnic on Wednesday and another closing assembly on Thursday and no school on Friday!:) And to top all this off my mom and aunt are coming to visit this Wednesday night through the weekend! yay!

Well i think that's all that i've missed telling everyone, so hopefully I will have some updated pictures or something soon to add--Until then, i'll leave you with this video of that song that has been stuck in my head:) This isn't of my church, but the same song anyways: enjoy!!