30 October 2009


WOW! I just got home from school...what a day! There was so many fun things about today. I'm not used to being able to do Halloween at schools, so it was really fun to see it, and at ATS it is extreme. The mom's help decorate the outside of the school, organize the parties, and the kid's costumes are just amazing! After a fun day, we ended with a parade around the school showing off our costumes, and then an assembly to give our awards for the scariest, funniest, most eco-friendly, most original and creative. In addition to this there were performances by 2 different dance groups and some of us teachers broke out of the audience to do Thriller to end the assembly. It was such a fun day!! See below for pictures!:)

The school was decorated inside and out!

I just had to!:) i may look like i'm standing funny...i am trying to show off my fin;) haha

Fun kids!

even the mom's dressed up!:) well some of them did...And they organized a wonderful lunch and party for our class! I am so thankful for their help!!!

Happy Halloween!:)