03 October 2009

crazy and other things

Wow! It's October already! This weekend marks the 2 month anniversary of my arrival in Tampico. I'm learning a lot and really enjoying it here.

This week we had crazy hair day at school and let me tell you---they go all out!!! check out the fun below in the pictures!

Although I have been blessed to avoid any kind of stomach flu or other stomach issues, I have been battling a cold. I had one for almost 2 weeks.....go 2 weeks off and now it seems to be back again, so that is a little frustrating---especially since i don't know what kind of meds to buy here. So if you think of me, just pray that whatever bug I have in my system would go away so I can be back to normal soon again.

I'm starting to make my room and apartment feel more homey---got new bedding, added a few candles a vase and flowers. As soon as I can find some things to put on the walls I will really feel like it's complete:)

That's all I can think of right now to write about so I'll just stop:) thanks for checking in!