15 August 2009

little update

Hey:) So just a little quick update on life so far in Mexico:)

--I am enjoying getting to know people from school---the foreign teachers and also the native staff.

---My 2nd grade team is wonderful and I am so happy I am with them.
---We start with kids on Monday!!:) I'm nervous and excited and scared all at the same time!
---I am still amazed how beautiful it is!
---I have 22 kids in my class. They are all Mexican. 10 boys and 12 girls

---It is healing so well!! Praise the LORD!!!
---The other day i accidentally forgot a crutch at school--lol---so i guess that means it was time for using only one!:)
---I can slowly hobble around my apt and classroom without any crutches but not the stairs yet or walking very far at a semi-normal pace.
---here are the update pics as of last weekend after stitches came out:

---Love it!! I've had some great tacos, taquitos, guacamole, tamales and margaritas:)
---I keep forgetting to eat! haha...it's just so hot so i don't feel hungry often, just thirsty. And then the schedule of eating here is so different so it throws me way off...I usually eat a breakfast bar and then at school we have recess/lunch at 10:30 but i have duty so i eat during a special in the day(if i remember to bring something!) then i try to remember to eat a little after school b/c dinner here isn't till 8 or 9 if you go out or something.

---I need to learn how to make it now! haha

---Taking a taxi places still feels like a little communication adventure each time:) haha...at least i know my own address and all the main streets so I can help get myself home!
---I am looking forward to being able to walk more easily so I don't always have to find a ride or take a taxi to get little things.
---I really wish I had my own car to drive---it would be so much easier if i did---so i'll think about that more:)

---I have plans to find the church I heard about next weekend
---I'm nervous about going alone since I don't know Spanish and I am still a little "crippled" but I am also missing being around that community of believers a bunch so even if i don't understand i don't care b/c i know the people's hearts!

So basically I feel at home here so far---I'll update again after I've had the kids! Please pray for wisdom as I start this new teaching venture. I know I need patience, wisdom, and knowledge beyond myself. Pray that I will create good relationships with all my students and teachers. Pray that I will find and feel welcome at Agua Viva church, Pray that I will make good friends here.

Thank you for supporting me and loving me!! Feel free to email me anytime: juliamitt@gmail.com or leave me a comment! I would love to hear from you all!!!

many hugs and love!!


Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

HEY GIRL! I just talked with Jeff Doerffler the other day about you, and then I find your blog! I'll be following you now, HOW EXCITING to be in Mexico! Congrats, I'm sure you'll love it. YAY!

-Nicole Farley :)

mom said...

have you tried walking without your boot? just bare feet? you will do awesome tomorrow! let us know about church!

Kelli Weyand said...

I'll be praying for you tomorrow! I know the kids will love you, and you'll get the hang of having a whole classroom faster than you know it! Have fun!

Marie said...

I'm so glad that things are good there! Your kiddos are so cute!