05 August 2009

mi apartemento en Tampico

So I'm not going to write much but mostly post pictures about the time in Tampico so far. Enjoy!:)

Here are my bags:) before the trip

Me by the pool on Monday kinda...i was in the shade the whole time:) i stayed in after that after the long traveling day.

Here I am trying to absorb more spanish through osmosis in the Hotel

My apartment is wonderful! The school provides it and they were so helpful, already had telephone hooked up, a little food and drinks in the fridge, and everything we needed set up!:) I'm so glad I'm here.

Extra room---ironing??:)

Dryer on porch (above)
Bathroom #3 (below)

My Room!!!

Here is my roomies room- Her name is Robyn. We met her and her mom (Melissa) tonight..so far seems great!

There are 2 bedrooms (with AC) with bathrooms, a living room, dining room, kitchen, a large study room, a laundry room, and another room with bathroom that is in the back of the place---it's all soooo big!!!:)

I hope to be able to post pics of my school soon too--there are a lot of stairs so my parents are gonna go around and take pics:) Hopefully on Friday I can post those---Then I may not have a lot of internet access for a little bit.

On Thursday I get my stitches taken out---seems scary. I hope it is better than I am imagining, but i'm not too hopeful right now. Pray!:)


bethany said...

I love it! What a nice apartment!! Can't wait to see your school!!

Marie said...

I love it too! It's so big! I hope your foot gets better soon. Much love!

Kelli Weyand said...

I had a dream the stitches on the bottom of your foot popped out, and you had no scar, but only little holes where the stitches were! It was kind of weird! Anyway, I hope when they come out it goes well. You're apartment looks great, I hope I can come visit sometime. It looks like there would be enough room for a guest!

Rebecca said...

wow the apartment and the school look great! i hope you're having a blast in tampico! i can't wait to hear more!