27 July 2009

sharky update:)

Well it has been 5 days since the attack and it feels like so much has happened!

While in NC my aunts got me some funny things to commemorate my trip this year;) Like i will need another reminder huh? They thought it would be funny---and it was:

My Aunt Fran got me a shark tooth in a bottle that says Holden Beach on it and a postcard with different shark teeth profiled:)

My Aunt Judy got me the t-shirt---make sure to look close at the logo

After returning from NC I stayed with my cousin at my aunts house--which was so nice to have to get used to hobbling around on crutches and my cousins were really sweet in getting me drinks, pills, food, etc. It's very humbling to have to be so dependant all the time. The sweet thing is that I taught Maddie (2 years old) that my foot was owwie and that it was because of a shark and then a chomping noise with the mouth. It was sooo cute because she repeats everything:)!

Here she is snuggling up to me trying to put her feet on the pillow too! lol

So then I headed to Morton to my parent's house. My room here has always been in the basement, but obviously I'm not going to climb up and down stairs if i don't have to:) so i moved into the guest room. Thankfully I was far ahead in my planning for moving to Mexico so most of my stuff had been moved and sorted already--and some already packed.

I didn't have the greatest first night--i have not been reacting to my pain meds very well. I woke up today with the feeling of a really tight chest and upper back and broke out into a cold sweat shortly after. Needless to say I'm glad we went to the doctor today so I can try something different.

Doctor News: We visited the orthopedic surgeon here in Illinois. We had to get more x-rays and he seemed really pleased with the healing I had and the condition of the stitches. I wasn't feeling to great the whole time there and eventually threw up---thankfully in the trash:) I'm becoming a pro at knowing it's coming!! haha...

Here are some pics of my foot now if you are curious: i promise even if they look worse they are really better!!

I have some swelling especially on my ankle and the top of my foot.

The doctor said as soon as I feel comfortable putting pressure on my heel and bottom of my foot to go ahead

They gave me an aircast---which is awesome because I can take a shower without covering it in a plastic bag, wash it, re-wrap and make sure to monitor it for infection. Plus the boot is cool:) haha....I'll try to put a pick of it up soon.

We will take the stitches out in about 10-12 more days---crazy! I'm thankful my parents will be around in Mexico still with me then to do that.

We've been busy calling the airline to change my seat on the planes next weekend so i have more room, hotels so i am near the elevator, and figuring out insurances since my Olathe ends the 31st!! ahh...I may have to do Cobra to "tie me over."
Mentally/Emotionally--- I am doing pretty well:) I'm still thankful it wasn't worse. I am sad that i won't be able to wander around exploring Tampico like I imagined and be able to do everything I want, but I'll be there long enough I can make up for it later I guess. I think I'm just hoping I wont miss out on fun things because of this stupid shark. Also it makes me a little nervous to meet my students and parents when I am not as mobile as I'd hope to be. I'm praying for miraculous healing so I can be putting a lot of weight on it by the time I teach.

Thanks again for the continued prayers--I still need them for a while so please remember me:)


Judy said...

I am SO glad you thought our gifts were funny. It's only because we love you, you know! Please keep us posted on your recovery! The blog world is great!

Anonymous said...

blessings and prayers go with you to Mexico

Grandma and Grandpa