09 November 2011

back to class!

So did you hear? I am back in the classroom again:)!! About 2 weeks ago I volunteered to go back to the classroom for 3rd grade because the size of the 2 groups at the time was 27 and soooo many problems ranging from discipline to teacher fatigue/frustrations were just hard to see. I figured if we are really about student learning and the best for students, than I can try to do both jobs: assistant principal and teach 3rd grade.

Thankfully my proposal was greeted with open arms and on Monday October 31st i became the 3rd C--the third group of third grade. So far it has been FABULOUS! I have 18 students who i'm loving already (i did get to kinda pick who i wanted haha...but i tried hard to make the classes balanced as much as i could without overloading myself!) I realized how much i missed being out of the classroom. I love the hugs from some, the fun smiles and class togetherness feeling:) I think they are all happy and parents too.

So far it is a little of a challenge to remember everything for the classroom AND also the duties and tasks i need to do for the office. Following up on discipline i missed when teaching has been going ok, but i worry that its a burden on the people in the office. I hope they wont resent me later for this.

I love my classroom...it's so cute and feels calming.

So now i have almost 3 jobs! crazy right?
#1: Elementary Assistant Principal
#2: Third Grade Teacher
#3: English Teacher for adults

I'm busy, but my days and weeks FLY BY!

I'll be taking pictures of my cuties soon, along with the classroom to share (if i remember!! hahah) so i'll post them soon.

Other than that news, not much else is going on. Operation Get Fit is going great still and i'm only a couple pounds from my december 15th goal so i'm ahead of schedule and that makes me happy and hopeful i will make my ultimate goal later in the year.

I'm super excited for Thanksgiving break---we get a whole week off!! yep! take that USA....us "mexicans" are gonna celebrate for a week--LOL! not really, there is a mexican holiday the monday of thanksgiving and our school celebrates the holiday, but not the rest of mexico.

I hope to go to Mexico City or as we call it here the DF or just Mexico. I've been here over 2 years and havent been to the biggest city?? how weird! I've been there but only in the airport many times, so now i wanna see the city, the museums, Frida's house, the famous artist....i'm forgetting his name right now, but he has awesome paintings?? haha..anyways, i'm not positive yet, but about 80% sure that i'll go for part or all of that break. It will be so nice!

Then after that, we only have a few weeks before Christmas break and home for the holidays!

This year is flying by and MANY people have asked what my plans are for next year....it's so hard!! :P right now, i have no desire to leave here, so we'll see. I hope they give me some time to decide:)

Alrighty...not sure why i'm up so late on a school night! gotta hit the hay!



Parthena's Creative Life said...

Sounds like you are having an amazing experience! How exciting!