05 October 2011

Year 3--

Wow...i have no excuse for not updating other than i've just been busy doing other things:) haha. Life has been good and off to the usual start of a school year---HECTIC! but that only describes my first little bit and only at school.

We welcomed 4 new foreign staff this year and so far they are fitting in great. In my section we have 2 newbies, Courtney and Cathy. It's been fun to slowly get to know them and their personalities throughout the last 2 months or so.

My job is much easier this year as i actually have a clue of things to do...and can even try to do more:) It's becoming routine for me to have serious talks with kids and learn to lecture quickly while also helping them to reflect on their behavior. Dont get me wrong, there are some kiddos (boys if you must know) that i can honestly say drive me up a wall/make me wanna shake them/i just plain cant find a good thing about. I hate saying that---as a person, a teacher and an optimist it's hard for me, but i guess its the truth sometimes. Thankfully that is only like 1 in 500 people for me hahahaha...

anyways, i also started teaching English to adults this year 2 nights a week. The language institute started on our ATS campus this fall and they needed some teachers, so i am teaching an intermediate class every T and TH night. I was nervous to start out, but after 5 weeks now, i like it and am enjoying my 18 students immensely. They range in age from about 18 (i'm guessing to 55 or so). It's hard to speak slowly i'm realizing...i have to really concentrate or else i think i lose 1/2 of them when i talk too fast.

A few weeks ago 7 of us foreign staffers went on a little road trip to see some cool stuff....in my next post i'll talk about it and post pics too so stay tuned.

I've been busy busting my but exercising and eating well to loose all the weight i can before i turn 29 and be totally rockin fit by 30. The 2nd part of that i just added right now haha. My 1st mini goal is Christmas, the 2nd mini goal is by my bday Feb., and my ultimate goal for now is beginning of May (total 9 month process) so I'm anxious to see if i will make it! I'm so happy and it's been pretty easy actually. Since I'm a routine person it's just part of life and will stay that way forever. I've even got a few people joining the bandwagon with me lately to change their habits:) I've not had a pop since August 1st so if you know me that is crazy right? haha. I never was addicted to it, the caffeine or anything, but i liked the taste and still do, but i figure if i am going to give my all to being healthy I'm going all out and no artificial sugars helps that i'm sure.

I'm sure i'll randomly post about my progress but part of me just wants to keep it a secret to surprise people more when they see me hehehehe...so no pics or numbers right now, but i will give you a hint of my 2 month progress: pants/shorts/skirts i wore when i first came to mexico 2 years ago are falling off me. I'm running out of clothing very fast! haha

In addition to all of this newness, it's be wonderful to be back in my house (no moving this year!! yaya!), talk to friends i've now know for 2 years so you have that deeper friendship and also just be back here in Mexico. I love it. I love hearing spanish, their easy friendly ways and just the life here. Sometimes it's hard but 99% of the time, i love that this place is my home.

So a quick update for a long absence. I hope to be more actively updating....back to at least the once a month! :)

thanks for all that tune in....all you 4 or 5 ;) haha.




Rachel said...

Wow! I'm mostly shocked by the 'no pop,' because I DO know you very well! :) So glad things are going well for you!!! I miss you terribly, though!