18 June 2011


Can you believe i've lived in Tampico for 2 years now? I am amazed at how fast it all has gone, but yet i feel like i've lived so long here! haha.

So here's my quick update...sorry no pictures due to the small fact that yet AGAIN i cannot find my camera cord! lol.

School: Kids have been gone since the 10th, teachers since the 15th and i have 3DAYS left and then i will be out for the summer!!:) I am soooooo ready.

It's been sad to say goodbye to a few good friends this year. I dont think it's even hit me how much i will miss them, especially Nicki and Carrie. Seriously some of the best people i've known and i am so sad to see them go, but sooo thankful for getting to know them this past year or two.

Now sadly i dont get to just relax and sleep in all summer long, but it is my own fault. Next sunday i leave for Merida, Mexico where i will live with a mexican family and then attend 6 hours a day of intensive spanish lessons M-F for 3 weeks! It's how i am trying to push myself and my confidence to speak. I am seriously shocked with how much i know and understand in Spanish after such a short time and not really needing to know it very much here in my daily life. I never thought it would come so naturally. Now i just get nervous to talk because i hate sounding dumb or making mistakes with verbs, but i know the only way to learn from now on is to practice so i decided to invest in that this summer.

I am excited but also very nervous to live in a strangers house, but i have heard great things about the couple i will be with. I'll be sure to update you all after i've been there for a while.
It should be quite an adventure for sure!!

After that i will go home to Morton for 2 weeks and then i have to be back here for work the first week of August. Again it's exciting to think of the new staff that is coming this fall...we will have 4 new ones just in elementary so it should be great!:) We are all excited to meet everyone and hope to make them feel welcome:)

So for a while my days have been nice...it's hot here so a lot of sweaty walks and jumping in the pool has been going on:) Nothing to exciting, but a good end of the year. I have survived a rough year here in Mexico and at school with so much change and new jobs, and it has been gooood.....i like that challenge. hehe

so that's it...not much else to say other than life is good and i am surely blessed.

love you all. i'll write more soon as i begin my Merida Spanish Adventure!!!!


Marie said...

I love hearing about your life, Jules. Please keep us posted about life in the new city for a few weeks!