03 May 2011

Marzo y Abril!

So much has happened but i've again lost my camera cord so that makes it difficult to put fun posts of life here:)

It's beach season again and i've had a lot of fun with friends at the beach this year. It's so nice to be able to spend the day just relaxing, drinking, eating and laughing with friends.

Both sets of my grandparents have come to visit me here the last 2 months...first the Heins and then the Mittelbergs. It was a great time of bonding:)

The Heins on the Beach in Tampico:)

The Mittelbergs in the market in Centro de Tampico

My grandparents and I at the falls of Tamasopo.

Then came Spring Break with the Girls in Miami and then a week of home fun and relaxing!

Sweet Clara and I:) I love her little lip!

Camryn and I....how can you be mad waking up to this face?? you just cant!

Ricardo and I spent a day at the beach and decided to get fun henna tatoos! I got a butterfly and he got some symbol on his hand.

Another night we hit up the Tampico carnival---rides and food and fun:)

This was funny to see on the map of the carnival's events!! hahahaha

Sweaty waiting in line for a ride called CHAOS! and let me tell you...it was quite jolting, but in a fun kind of way:P

Then we went to eat some tacos and have great margaritas--mango and tamarindo!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmm

Only 5 1/2 weeks left with students at school, about 7 1/2 weeks of work for me and then it's summer and more adventures!