10 February 2011

bday days and weeks of fun!

So the best month of the year has started...February!:) jajaja...My birthday this year was a fun time! See pics below for some details:

It started with a fun night out for dinner and movie with friends. Here we are at Dolce Vita.

Check out the awesome desserts they made for me and Emily (her bday is 2 days before mine so we did some celebrating together.

Just the girls out for a quick drink.

Here are the girls celebrating Em's bday---her husband Jon arranged a surprise bday dinner for her...she was surprised and the food and laughter was great!:)

and here is what i did the weekend of my bday---a lifelong dream to have a pool party like my sis could in august. my bday wish came true this year!
Looks like a Corona commercial huh?? well i guess in this case i should call it a Dos XX commercial. What a life huh?:)