08 December 2010

turkeyless thanksgiving

This last month FLEW by so fast! I'm amazed that in a little over a week I'll be headed back to the states (and the cold) for Christmas! Sorry for the lateness of this....being about thanksgiving, but i forgot! jaja no other good excuse:)

Well here is a glimpse of life in Tampico in November. To answer some questions: Yes, there are still shootings and drug related things happening, but not that often. No, I am not scared living in Mexico. Yes, I like my new job. Yes, the people are great here. Yes, I am learning more and more Spanish day by day. No, I never get sick of the warm weather.

Over Thanksgiving this year we had a whole week off of school, so my mom and dad came down for a road trip visit. We traveled to 5 different cities and enjoyed the scenery, the cities, markets, and of course the food:) On actual thanksgiving I was eating tamales, dad had enchiladas and mom ate chicken. It was a great time!

Here's some pics from the trip--enjoy!

Mom and dad at Las Pozas in Xilitla (Day 1 of trip)

Me up high on a staircase in Xilitla.

Dad being our "burro" (or pack mule) while shopping the market in San Miguel Allende. I got new glasses, shot glasses, dishes, and other fun things:)

Mom at Puente de Dios (Bridge of God) in Tamasopo.

Mom and I on the boat for our adventure to Cascada de Tamul (huge waterfall) courtesy of our random guide Cesar!


Rachel said...

FUN!!!!! What a great way to spend Thanksgiving! :)

bethany said...

FUN! Looks like you guys had a blast! I'm glad you are having such a great year and loving your new position!c