13 December 2010


today i am annoyed and frustrated at how people can be so fake. I would think that by the time you are in your upper 20's, 30's and even 40's that you know who you are and how you want to live your life without making excuses. I guess maybe i expect too much of people and think the best until proven otherwise--which i will keep doing, But it is very sad when people prove you wrong.

I expect people to say and act like the real person they are---even if that person is a jerk or negative or anything----but be REAL and authentic. Even if i dont care for you as a person, at least i know who you are, what you like and dont like, and can trust that what you say matches what you do. It's ok not to please everyone, but respect us enough to be yourself and show us the REAL you.

I've realized I can't handle it when people talk one way and then do something contrary. I can't stand it when people back out of committments----on ANY level: a relationship, a contract, a job, a party, etc. It really bothers me that people make excuses instead of just "manning up"and saying Ï'm scared or i'm not cut out for this or i just dont like it or I am not ready for it . Instead they make excuses and try to sound noble, when the reality is different.

I don't vent like this often on here....I try to keep my blog about things that are important to me and things I think people wanna hear or should hear, but this one is for me i guess....to just vent a little of my frustration.


Marie said...

I'm so sorry Jules. :(