03 November 2010

halloween happiness and fun

Here are some fun pics of this year's Halloween fun! School was decorated big again, and kids were dressed to the nines ! Check out some of the fun:

yep you see popcorn, cupcake, a barbie, and a blackberry---they always get creative!

The fridge, annoying orange, italian chef complete with table (in my class last year), queen of hearts from Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, and ALice behind her...so great!

Then we had a staff party with mostly foreign people and played some games USA vs. Canada vs. Mexico...it was a great time:)

our costume contest winners---Jon and Emily!:)

Team USA Midwest vs. Mexico Team #1----USA all the WAY!

Can we look more opposite? Crazy evil butcher vs. Sunshine

Fun times with Nicki, Meg, Catherine and Katie!

Carolina and cousin Fernando....being tough! jajaja...not!

Our hosts: Steve and Meredith--they switched costumes obviously!:)