25 October 2010


It's been so fun getting to know new people this year. I've been deepening friendships with some I met last year, and embarking on new ones this year, both foreign and local people. It's amazing how friendships form sometimes with no effort, while other times it feels like you really have to put an effort into them. I've just been thinking of that the last month or so.

I dont have much to say, but i wanted to include some pictures of my friends here in Mexico--both new and old:)

me and meg

Jon as Miguel Hidalgo for independence day

Alyssa, Meredith, and Emily

Autumn, Alyssa, Me, Meg and Emily playing cards......we like games!
Mireya and Nicki celebrating Meg's bday

2 of my 3 neighbors: Jon and Dave

a whole bunch of foreigners with Pily and Carolina for some birthday fun

Me and Ricardo

Catherine, Nicki and Alyssa on Mexican Independence day!

Meg, James, and Steve at game night at my house