03 February 2010

another year passes

instead of the usual reflection at new years, i tend to do most of my reflecting on my birthday. So this year i've decided to just make a list of the big things i remember about my year as a 26 year old:

* getting a job in Tampico
* quitting my job in olathe :(
* being surprised by friends in kansas on my birthday at the mexican place(i can think of the name anymore:()
* saying way too many goodbyes in Kansas
* packing and unpacking
* moving all my stuff to my parents house
* taking bunches of graduate classes and living at panera this summer
* going to the beach house in NC
* being attacked by a shark
* being on crutches in the hottest time of year anywhere---especially in Tampico
* arriving in Mexico
* setting up my classroom while physically hindered by crutches and boot
* meeting ATS staff
* the first day of my first classroom of 2nd graders
* kissing cheeks with many many people
* learning tons of little things about Mexican culture and language
*military guys with guns everywhere:) haha--it's just normal now
* tons of sweating
* finally figuring out how to get hot water
* visiting new places: San Miguel and Xilitla
* Mom and aunt visiting
* Halloween in Mexico
* flying home in flip flops for Christmas

It's been a year of numerous changes and probably the most eventful year of my life so far.....i've always thought i've had a good life---boring but good. Now i can say that this year changed it from boring to crazy!:) haha...but through it all i've learned a great deal and have been so blessed by the Lord this year. I'm excited to see what happens in my 27th!

Of course i didn't put down every memory i have---so if you have one, please add a comment with something i forgot!:)

thanks for being part of my life!:)


Mom said...

Worshipping Jesus in Spanish?
Selling CRV and getting Focus,,, even 1st car accident!
Plus Happy Birthday from your mommy and daddy

Rachel said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! :) I wish I could be there to celebrate in person! I bet we could have better Mexican food than we did last year at Mi Ranchito ;)

Love you!