07 December 2009

hot and cold

Wow...this week has been crazy! It has gone from warm 70's and 80's to cold 50's and 60's! Without heat and a bunch of humidity that 55 degrees feels like 30! I spent most of my time wrapped up in my beach towel (i haven't bought a blanket yet--haha) or in my bed just to stay warm! And finding closed toe shoes to fit has been a challenge too----i guess i'll have to go shoe shopping over Christmas---shucks!;) haha

Thankfully today, Monday, it warmed up back to normal--82!:) yaya...and tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. It's amazing how accustomed to this i have become--makes me really nervous for the cold and snow that will greet me upon my arrival to the Chicago Airport in less than 2 weeks. Yep...less than 2 weeks...like 12 days and I will be home!

My 2nd grade class is putting on an assembly for the holidays so we have been busy getting our lines memorized, learning to speak clearly into a "microphone" (really a highlighter right now), and a dance of course!:) They are doing great and it is so fun to dance together and see them be excited to perform and share their knowledge about Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Christmas. Stay tuned for pictures and such of that fun event!:)


Marina said...

Sounds like you're adjusting right on schedule! My mom was in Hawaii for less than 3 years before she'd purchased a space heater! :) Can't wait to see pics of the "show"!