12 July 2009

miracles miracles

I have been reading through Matthew for the last few weeks. Although the parables and most of it is really familiar to me, there have been some things that either I’ve forgotten or just never “hit me” before. That’s what I love about the Bible---it truly is the LIVING word. It can be read hundreds of times, but be so true for the current moment. I just love it---anyways on to what I started with.

As I’ve been reading I’ve keep seeing a theme of Jesus saying that people have seen miraculous things, but still don’t believe. There seem two extremes---those who have great faith and just believe and those who have seen others be healed from disease, set free from demons, and given sight when blind and still don’t believe.

It makes me think---which am I? What kind of faith do I have? To have faith without seeing is so hard---I know sometimes when I hear stories of God’s miraculous provision of money or His healing power I feel a little jealous that they have had that tangible experience and encouragement, BUT then again I’m almost glad I haven’t had dramatic experiences like that---it’s hard to explain, but I would fear that I would grow into someone who’s faith is conditional on circumstances or something---like I would get wrongly angry when something doesn’t work out how I think or prayed it should.

I love my Jesus and am thankful for the provision and protection, guidance and assurance the Lord has blessed me with. I believe in His power and miracles even though I’ve never seen it with my own two eyes-other than my own salvation. May that miracle—that I have been saved and given LIFE be the miracle that I proclaim to the world.

As I have been reading I just keep praying for those I know that they will be people who hear and believe, or see and believe.

Not everything in life needs to be seen and proven-----have FAITH.

I guess to sum up—I don’t need to see healings and signs and wonders to believe, I just need to look at myself—I am a LIVING MIRACLE.

I encourage you to read the Word today (start with John or Matthew)---look for the miraculous in the miracles of Jesus, and also the miraculous in the faith of those who believe and follow.


The Rydens said...

I didn't know you have a blog! I love it! So encouraging...I'm off to start Matthew today!

Marie said...

I LOVE YOU! Happy healing.