24 June 2009

details, details

So I finally have more details about Mexico!:) It's nice to be able to answer the question---"when are you going?" So here's the scoop:

When do I leave? August 2nd

When's my first day of work? August 7th

When is the first day with kids? August 17th

Where am I working? The American School of Tampico in Tampico, Mexico-check it out!

I also have a new school email address, but just use my gmail one (juliamitt@gmail.com) for correspondence with everyone here.

In addition to this I have a great lead about a wonderful church there---This is such a blessing to know ahead of time. Even if I don't know what is being said all the time, I can still worship the Lord along with other believers in English as they worship in Spanish:) I remember it so vividly in Costa Rica...being amazed at how much I loved being in church there.

I'm excited to learn about where I'm gonna be living, who my roommate will be (if i have one), who I will be working with, and what precious kids will be in my class!:) exciting months ahead!!!

Any questions? just ask...i may or may not have an answer yet.


bethany said...

YEA! What a blessing to have some of the details all figured out! I am SOOO excited for you and will be praying for a smooth transition!

Marie said...

I love the way your blog looks now!