05 May 2009

sweet sweet music

So anyone that knows me well (I think) knows how much I love music. Don't we all? It can comfort, inspire, express, and so much more. I feel like when I can't develop my own overwhelming feelings and thoughts into words----- music comes to my rescue. It does this through taking me further in my worship of Jesus, expressing my thoughts about life, or just harmonizing with me on a sunny day.

All that to say-----I've got a new "favorite" in music recently: Jimmy Needham. A funny name--yes, but good music none the less...and you all know how i feel about names;) haha......

This guy just has a cool vibe to his music while speaking truth and creatively expressing common feelings/thoughts. (BTW- I think his record sounds like the kind that Kris Allen (from American Idol) should make eventually.)

So if you feel like it, check out his site and click on "click for music samples" and then #5...it's my favorite.