20 May 2009


I really, really, really, really, really like shoes! I dont know why I decided to write about it, maybe just because I was thinking of it and didn't have anyone to tell. Here are the 10 reasons I like them so much:

1) They protect your feet from rocks (duh:))

2) they come in all kinds of colors

3) they come in sandals, tennis shoes, flip-flops, wedges, ties, no ties, straps, velcro, canvas, leather, patten leather, cork, rubber, shox, metallics, bows, dots, slip resistant, boots, high heels...

4) they make your feel look pretty

5) they are comfy

6) they become like a scrap box (you have memories of buying them or what you did in them)

7) they become like good "friends" comfortable and always fit;)

8) they express your personality---if you have a little or a lot i think it tells a little about a person when you get a look at their shoe collection

9) they can make you feel taller

10) Lastly, they are just the best accessory ever!! So fun!

any more reasons you can add to my list?? i'd love to hear!


Kelli Weyand said...

They always fit!
(Usually...unless you get pregnant and your feet grow and then don't fit into your pre-pregnancy shoes...but it's never a bad thing if your feet grow a bigger size!)