02 April 2009

coincidence? i think not

So about a year ago I wrote a song. At the time I wondered why I was moved to write it, but I came across it this week and I kinda feel like it was foreshadowing a little bit....check it out:)
What ifs and Maybe's
by julia mittelberg

Moving out, moving on, starting new again
World's so big and my oyster, where do I begin

My heart's so full of what if's and maybe's and how long's
What if i do this, maybe regret it,
How long till I know, the way to go

There's a little more to the song but this was the part i was originally confused why i was writing it.

So neat how now I understand....I am moving out and on and starting new again in Tampico. I do have a lot of questions---what if i dont make friends, what if i hate it, what if i am not a good teacher, maybe it will be amazing, maybe i'll live there longer than 2 year, maybe i'll meet great people, how long will i be there, how long till i feel like it's home.....etc

It's so cool to me how long the Lord has been planting this in my heart...and i think it's made it so much easier to go....it's no shock to me that i am going b/c somewhere deep down i always knew i would go somewhere.