08 January 2009

my favorite thing i've seen in Kansas yet....an oldie but a goodie

Hey all....so here's my story and if you have already had the privilege of hearing it in person, consider yourself blessed to have the intonation and gestures in accompianment:
I call this true story "Drivin' Down the Highway"
So a while back, maybe a month ago, I was having a kinda crappy day, which doesn't happen often, but i wanted to get out of the normalcy that is my weekday life, so i went for a drive. I drove aimlessly really and ended up on an exit ramp that develops into about 5 lanes for a stoplight after you get off. While stopped at this light, i do what most people do: fiddle with my music, check my cell phone for any calls that i know i would have heard had it rung but i check anyways, and of course glance at those in the cars around me.
On this night i look over to my left and see some movement, so i glance again and see this guy who looked kind of like a typical young professor type...glasses, shaggy hair, normal car etc. but as i venture another look i see that he is doing bicep curls with a 10-15lbs weight while he is driving!! I thought for sure i was mistaken so i took another look and sure enough he's even breathing through each one. Breathe in....release. Breathe in....release.
Did i laugh you ask? OF course...out loud and for a while...it totally made my not so great day end on a high note. As i watched him turn the corner i could tell he was still pumping iron as he drove. Makes me wonder what would happen if he got in an accident "I'm sorry officer, i just dont have time to work out." :) haha can you just imagine...he was probably pumping up for his girl before a date or something. wow..what a good laugh i had.

Well thats all....its true ...and don't you wish you had seen it too?:)