11 January 2009

bird poop

It's amazing how the little things in life can totally make my day. Like today, just riding in the car with friends laughing about bird poop stories can brighten my day. I pray that I will never forget to cling to the small blessings in life as things are likely to get more complicated and confusing the more years i spend here on earth.

So i guess my advice is --- think about a bird pooping on some bald guy and laugh....it will make you feel so much better (as long as YOU aren't the bald guy;))

find the small blessings and enjoy!


Kelli Weyand said...

What's also funny is thinking about the time I got peed on by a squirrel when I was like 7! That always makes me laugh! Welcome to the blogging world! See you in a few days!

Marie said...

Yay! I'm glad you have a blog.

Andrea said...

I'm excited you have a blog! I miss seeing you every week!