10 January 2010

Christmas/January Brrrr....

My fingers are a little cold right now, so I apologize for this being a really short post.

I had a wonderful Christmas at home with family and friends....too short for sure, but so nice. I was happy to come back to warmth, but sadly it's been really chilly here. We started school on the 7th and i had 4 kids gone, but that night it got down to 5 C which is like 40 degrees F or so. Schools and places and homes dont have any heat.

So on Friday only 6 (of my 22) kids showed up for school!!! It was like a snow day kinda---just a cold day. I wore my coat, gloves, and scarf all day inside b/c my classroom was only 58 degrees....brrrrr!! So basically we just drew pictures, played some multiplication games, and hung out:)

Here are some pictures from home in Morton, IL with all the snow and then some of me cold in my room this weekend


bethany said...

I guess Olathe decided to turn off the heat to save money! My air conditioner has be ON all winter so I feel you girl!

So glad you got to come home for Christmas! Always love reading your blog! Keep having fun!