15 September 2009

happy independence day----Viva Mexico!

Here are some fun pictures from our celebration at school---it was a spirit day, so we dressed up in traditional mexican dress.....and when i say we---i really mean the kids did:)

Here are some of the girls (in black) that are gonna dance!

Here's a typical monday assembly picture:

And here are the pics of us today!

It was fun!!

Oh and here is my new favorite kind of chip---too bad it's not in the states!

Thanks for reading!:)


mom said...

love the awesome pixs!

julia said...

thanks for the comment;) haha... i know...aren't they the cutest????

Kelli Weyand said...

looks like you're really enjoying it! are you picking up some espanol?

Anonymous said...

the pictures are so cute----G&G